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Engagement is the ‘social’ part of ‘social media’ and while it is lovely to accumulate followers, it is essential that people like our posts, add comments, and share our posts too. Andrew from Lamb Social Media explains why:

“Social media is now a huge part of many people’s lives and can be used as an effective tool for businesses, organisations, and charities alike. It used to be the case that having lots of followers meant that your message was seen. Social media platforms have become savvy and want to make money by asking businesses and organisations to pay for advertising. Now, for posts to be seen people have to interact with them. That means commenting on them, sharing them, and even simply liking them. Think of it like this: you like North Wootton Village Hall’s Page on Facebook. Your friends don’t (yet). Just by liking or commenting on one of North Wootton Village Hall’s Facebook posts, your Facebook friends will see in their timeline “X liked North Wootton Village Hall’s post” and show that post to them. Now this could be a post advertising a fundraising event, or a post letting people know that the village hall needs some volunteers, or a post asking for votes in a competition… simply by engaging with that post you have shared the village hall’s message with people who would not have ordinarily seen it.”

By following us and liking, commenting, and sharing our posts, you will enable us to reach more people on each social media platform. Not only that, but an increased number of interactions with our posts will help our rankings on search engines too.

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And don’t forget to leave us a review on Facebook or Google, too – many people read reviews before they go ahead and pay for a product or service. If you share your positive experience of the village hall as a Facebook recommendation or Google review, then people are more likely to book the village hall as a venue which in turn generates income.

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